Student Workshop 2017-09-21T07:30:36+00:00


Students who have attended at least one blockchain hackathon


8 October 2017


GITAM University, Visakhapatnam

This is a one-day workshop conducted for students on the theme ‘Understanding Blockchain’ that is designed to take the students through the world of blockchain technologies, its applications and opportunities. There will be keynote talks, use-case presentations, demos, hackathon opportunities, and academic startup challenge.

Once the students are familiar with the technology and its possible areas of applications, they will witness demos from winners of the 2017 Academic Startup Challenge. Go through the agenda below for a detailed event schedule.


Keynote talks

Blockchain Technology
Talks on Blockchain solution architectures
Development models
Cloud based blockchain solutions
Open source frameworks
How to build robust blockchain solutions

Emerging use-cases
Supply chain

Blockchain in government

RTA and Land Records case studies

Startup opportunities
Startup talks

Opportunities for students
Demos from winners of 2017 Academic Startup challenge
FTV Blockchain hackathon and Hiring portal
FTV Academic startup challenge